Eco-Effective Distribution Center United Kingdom


For a leading developer of sustainable distribution centers, William McDonough + Partners developed this design concept utilizing an innovative long span roof structural system.

Two schemes incorporate vegetative roofs and solar photovoltaic panels in the roof structure. In the catenary system, the weight of the green roof assists in reducing wind uplift, which reduces the amount of structural steel required for the roof (compared to a conventional roof structure.) Photovoltaic panels will cover the south facing truck dock roofs in this system, and energy use would be improved due to a reduction in the building perimeter. In the wood vaults system the use of glue-lam timber is viewed as more preferable to steel due to lower embodied energy used in its manufacture. Due to the open air nature of the structure, building heating occurs only within designated modular buildings beneath the large roof. This would improve the energy effectiveness when compared to a conventional distribution center.


Distribution center


350,000 sm


Concept completed 2006


William McDonough + Partners, Conceptual Designer
WSP Group