Cave Avenue Homes Banff, Alberta


This multi-unit residential complement to a mixed-use development in downtown Banff is taking architectural cues from the particularities of place while retaining the sylvan beauty of its site. In this context, home is a vibrant human community that nurtures forest habitat and natural water flows. Roofs echo fractal mountain planes, capturing snow for winter insulation and channeling water to wet gardens throughout the development. Existing Douglas-fir, lodgepole pine, and spruce accent the built landscape, and the site maintains pathways for elk and deer whose historic migration paths traverse the western edge. Artful window placement maximizes daylight and views on this challenging north-facing slope, merging interior and exterior landscapes to reflect the quiet character of its unique setting.


19 unit cooperative housing development (seven three-bedroom townhomes, seven studios, and five loft studios)


30,000 square feet


Completed 2005


William McDonough + Partners, Design Architect
Siteworks, Design Landscape Architect
IBI Group Architects, Architect of Record and Landscape Architect of Record
Read Jones Christoffersen, Structural Engineer
Mechwave Engineering, Mechanical Engineer
Stebnicki, Robertson & Associates, Electrical Engineer


AIA Central Virginia Merit Awards, 2006
RAIC Award for Contract Documentation, 2003