Bornholm Island Science Park and Green Solution House Conference Center Bornholm Island, Denmark


The site will become a network of continuous loops in which materials are reused for optimal uses. The architectural narrative creates a center for learning, idea sharing, and interaction with nature through agriculture. Project elements include a Congress Hall with visitor area, banquet hall, and exhibit area, as well as offices for a Science Park and new hotels and apartments in a campus like setting that is integrated with an existing hotel.

A central community space, at the heart of site, is designed to be flexible for many different uses. The buildings are oriented around this central communal space with an ecological path linking all the buildings together, providing views and access to natural landscapes, food production and meeting spaces. Open space around the buildings provides green space for activities as well as for renewable energy production and food production. Residences are oriented both toward the sun and with a visual link connected back to the existing hotel.


Master Plan and Architecture


7184 square meters


Fundraising Phase


3XN, Collaborating Architect
William McDonough + Partners, Collaborating Architect
Esbensen, Consulting Engineers


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