Alkimos Concept Master Plan Perth, Australia


The Alkimos Concept Master Plan was created as part of a competitive bid to develop a new community on the western coast of Australia. The vision that land authority established for Alkimos is “a master-planned community of global significance that is moving towards carbon-neutral living.” William McDonough + Partners led a distinguished international team of planners, architects, engineers and other specialist to create master planning framework for evolutionary development that defines a path toward carbon neutrality, phasing in land uses with sustainable energy, water and waste strategies as they become technologically and financially viable. This long-term decision making framework promotes non-emotive, practical and cost effective to ensure well-integrated site systems and infrastructure over time. Inspired by the regenerative design agenda of Cradle to Cradle philosophy, the design team collaboration led to regenerative planning approaches at all scales of the community, from enhancing regional ecological connectivity and on-site biodiversity to supporting community health and well-being.


Coastal community concept plan, includes a regional centre, neighborhood villages and a substantial coastal harbour


700 hectares


Master Plan Competition


William McDonough + Partners, master planning
Active Sustainability, consulting
Lincoln Scott, systems engineering
JCY, urban design
Simon Youngelson, vernacular architecture
Chappell Lambert Everett, town planning
TPG, town planning
Parsons Brinkerhoff, transit
Macroplan, economic analysis