Make It Right New Orleans, Louisiana


“We wanted to base this project on the Cradle to Cradle principles put forth in Bill [and Michael’s] book. It was our belief that for this new technology to work, that it couldn’t just be a rich man’s toy, but it had to be proven at a low income level. That it had to be available for everybody. I must say, the result has far exceeded my expectations…”
– Brad Pitt

William McDonough + Partners is honored to be a founding member of The Make It Right project, participating on a pro-bono basis since the project’s inception. Designed as a catalyst for redevelopment, Make It Right is dedicated to building 150 safe and healthy homes in the Lower 9th Ward, with an emphasis on high design quality and preserving the spirit of the community’s culture.

WM+P developed criteria to frame Make It Right’s environmental mission, using Cradle to Cradle thinking to outline design and systems performance requirements for each home, achieving the goal of LEED Platinum certification for all of the houses. In collaboration with MBDC, WM+P has conducted individual reviews of all materials considered for the project based on human and ecological health. In response to the community’s request for a variety of housing types, Make It Right expanded their offering to include duplexes, one of which is designed by WM+P. In addition, William McDonough + Partners, in collaboration with Siteworks, LLC, is a one of the pilot street design teams that is addressing community-wide issues of stormwater, street lighting, community amenities and workforce training.
William McDonough + Partners is excited by the opportunity provided by this public forum to educate consumers, builders and manufacturers, and our hope is that it will inspire a new generation of safe, affordable products and design technologies.


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