Flow House New Orleans, Louisiana


The Flow House reflects the Make It Right Foundation’s vision for safe, healthy and high design quality homes—inspired by Cradle to Cradle thinking—that preserve the community spirit of the Lower 9th Ward. The design celebrates the movement of light, shade, air, and water as a means of connecting a family with their community and the natural world.

Referencing vernacular typologies, Flow House responds to the gulf coast’s hot, humid climate by providing cool shaded spaces and promoting passive ventilation. The living room fully extends from the ‘dogtrot’ to the front porch. The design provides views up and down the street to promote a more secure and connected community.

Flow House is designed to maintain materials in biological and technical metabolisms, a goal that informs everything from the selection of products to disassembly strategies at both the building and product level. The material palette is comprised of Cradle to CradleTM Certified products and materials that embody Cradle to Cradle principles.


Prototype residential duplex


1,900 square feet


Construction documents


William McDonough + Partners, Design Architect
John C. Williams Architects, Architect of Record