A Vision for the Future: A House Like a Tree

[img_assist|nid=281|title=|desc=|link=none|align=left|width=350|height=304]In the Spring, our studio was asked by The Wall Street Journal to conceptualize a vision for the home of the future. Our design team came up with a House Like a Tree–a design that generates energy and food on site, cleans its water, and regenerates habitat, among other things–all utilizing technologies and design strategies that are available today or on the near horizon. This is a home for a not too distant tomorrow; we …

VMware Campus and Commons Building Completed

[img_assist|nid=307|title=|desc=|link=none|align=left|width=350|height=307]In Palo Alto, the VMware campus was completed when the Commons building finished construction.

Bill McDonough and VantagePoint’s Stephan Dolezalek on the carbon-free opportunity

Bill McDonough teams up with Stephan Dolezalek of VantagePoint Venture Partners to comment for a McKinsey “What Matters” column: their topic is the carbon-free opportunity. William McDonough is an architect and the founding principal of design firm William McDonough + Partners, which focuses on ecological and socially intelligent architecture. Stephan Dolezalek has spent 23 years in Silicon Valley working exclusively with technology-driven companies. He joined VantagePoint Venture Partners in 1999 and currently heads up VantagePoint’s …

John Wheeler Speaks at California Summit

Earlier this year, John Wheeler spoke in Pasadena, CA at the Art Center Summit 2009: Expanding the Vision of Sustainable Mobility. John was part of an alumni panel moderated by Kurt Anderson of NPR. John discussed the current state of practice in sustainable design. Visit the Art Center website

WM+P Directors Present to Dutch Government

Early this year, firm leaders Kevin Burke and Diane Dale delivered a dual keynote presentation in Utrecht to the Rijkswaterstaat, the Dutch national agency that manages all water and roadway infrastructure in the Netherlands. They presented how Cradle to Cradle concepts are informing architecture and planning at a wide range of scales, particularly with regard to the use of water and energy.

WM+P Leads Planning Team for Canadian Development Project

WM+P led an international planning and engineering team in developing a master plan for the new community of North Innisfil in Ontario, Canada, to be developed by Minto Communities, Inc. The plan embodies an integrated and system-based design approach which includes innovative sustainable strategies for energy, water, and waste services. It has received favorable preliminary review from local and provincial agencies.

Mark Rylander Keynotes Danish Conference

Early this year, Mark Rylander, Director, keynoted the first Active Housing Round Table in Copenhagen about sustainable building components, design solutions, and architecture, combined with new low energy and zero carbon housing. Mark’s presentation entitled “Towards Cradle to Cradle Architecture: A Positive Agenda for Sustainable Design” discussed how building materials can be improved over time.

Treasure Island Project Recognized by California Govenor

Mayor Newsom announced that California Governor, Arnold Schwarzenegger, presented the City of San Francisco with the 2008 Governor’s Environmental and Economic Leadership Award. The City received the award for its ambitious redevelopment plans for Treasure Island, on which WM+P had a key sustainability consultant role, in the Sustainable Communities category. The project plans were recognized as exceptional for their breadth, environmental and economic impact, and value to California’s environment and economy.