Bill McDonough on Cradle to Cradle: a Q&A with

Our founder, Bill McDonough, recently spoke with Forbes Technology Editor Kerry Dolan about sustainability and the future, through the lens of the Cradle to Cradle thinking that Bill developed with German chemist Michael Braungart. Q&A

Jose Atienza serves as One Good Chair judge this week in Vegas

William McDonough + Partners’ designer Jose Atienza, Assoc. AIA, is in Las Vegas this week, where he is serving on a distinguished jury for the One Good Chair competition. This program is sponsored by the Sustainable Furnishings Council and run by architect/author Lance Hosey. This week, finalists will be announced as part of a panel discussion with the jury, which includes, in addition to Atienza, Toby Israel, Antonio Larosa, and Andrea Mangini (with Hosey moderating). …

Oberlin’s Lewis Center tops Architect magazine’s “G-list”

Perhaps you saw the Vanity Fair list of “greatest buildings of the last 30 years.” 52 of the 90 people they surveyed produced a list topped by the Bilbao Guggenheim. Conspicuously absent? Buildings known for their sustainable / green / high performance characteristics (even though some architects with green cred made the list). In response to this survey, architect Lance Hosey, who writes a column and blog for Architect magazine, launched a survey of green …

Diane Dale, director of community design, will be inducted as a Fellow of the ASLA

[img_assist|nid=439|title=Diane Dale|desc=|link=none|align=left|width=108|height=162] We are happy to congratulate our colleague, Diane Dale, on the news that she will be inducted in the College of Fellows of the American Society of Landscape Architects this fall at a ceremony in Washington, DC. This is a great honor to be part of this select group of achievers in the field, and one we know is richly deserved. Diane leads the community design studio of William McDonough + Partners. Recent acclaimed …

Greenbridge families move in

The first families to call Greenbridge home have been moving in to their new condominiums. The Chapel Hill project is an important infill development for the community and a green beacon for the city and the region. We served as design architect. We offer congratulations to our visionary and tenacious client and to all of the design and construction team members.

William McDonough + Partners named design architect for Green Coast Enterprise’s newest project, set to position New Orleans as green biz hub

We are proud to announce that the firm has been named design architect for Green Coast Enterprises’s and EcoPark’s The Building Block at North Carrollton in New Orleans, planned to be a hub for green business activity in the region. The design team also includes New Orleans-based Concordia, a firm with a reputation of progressive neighborhood planning and thoughtful community design, which will be architect of record for the project. Scheduled to open in 2012, …

Cradle to California: William McDonough to speak at the Commonwealth Club of California

On September 7, Bill McDonough will be a featured speaker of the Commonwealth Club’s CLIMATE ONE series: McDonough and German chemist Michael Braungart started the Cradle to Cradle revolution in manufacturing and design. Now they want to drive that integrated thinking deeper into the heart of capitalism. How? By creating a startup in Silicon Valley. The Green Products Innovation Institute, which McDonough and Governor Schwarzenegger christened last spring, aims to transform the “making and consumption of …

Urban Green 2010 September 29-30 includes William McDonough keynote: early bird registration ends July 30

Urban Green is the U.S. Green Building Council’s New York chapter, and Urban Green Expo is the Northeast region’s premier green building trade conference. Bill McDonough is keynoting this year. Register by July 30 for early bird rates.